Friday, May 29, 2015

The Book Of James

I have always been a fan of the book of James in the Bible.  Maybe its because it's short...ha ha. Perhaps it's because it is like a motivational book for life.  It provides us with encouragement but reminds us that life will never be easy...and that's a promise.

As I was reading through it again early in the week it jumped off the page as a manual with specific instructions for day to day living.  Seriously.  Look at chapter 1:

Consider it joy when you face trials

  • They will produce perseverance
  • They will help to finish the work He started in us
  • They will help us mature
If you lack wisdom:

  • Ask God.  He gives generously and finds no fault.
  • You must believe.  There can be no doubt.  Doubt will make you feel like a wave tossed in the sea
  • Those who doubt should not think they'll receive anything from God

Wow...just a few verses in and you've got an agenda for the day.  Just like a regular day at work, you likely won't get to and perfect everything, but the plan is in place.  Go!

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