Friday, May 29, 2015

The Book Of James

I have always been a fan of the book of James in the Bible.  Maybe its because it's short...ha ha. Perhaps it's because it is like a motivational book for life.  It provides us with encouragement but reminds us that life will never be easy...and that's a promise.

As I was reading through it again early in the week it jumped off the page as a manual with specific instructions for day to day living.  Seriously.  Look at chapter 1:

Consider it joy when you face trials

  • They will produce perseverance
  • They will help to finish the work He started in us
  • They will help us mature
If you lack wisdom:

  • Ask God.  He gives generously and finds no fault.
  • You must believe.  There can be no doubt.  Doubt will make you feel like a wave tossed in the sea
  • Those who doubt should not think they'll receive anything from God

Wow...just a few verses in and you've got an agenda for the day.  Just like a regular day at work, you likely won't get to and perfect everything, but the plan is in place.  Go!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Greatest Hits

On Monday we tried to make Victoria Day extra special on LIFE by presenting a Greatest Hits Holiday Monday.  I know the history of Contemporary Christian Music isn't the same as mainstream music but there is a lot of history.  If you're like me and grew up going to churcha and attending a youth group, chances are you got to know some of the big hits.  

I know this will age me, but here are some of the "Hits" from the early 90's when I attended High Power Youth at Elim Tabernacle in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


Friday, May 1, 2015

The Simple Things

Every night before my son goes to bed, we read together.  He is 4 so we haven't gotten into any philosophy books just yet.  Instead we read about Lego, Thomas, Peppa Pig, Mater, and Lightning McQueen.   You might not recognize those names if you don't have young children, but they are a big deal in our house.

After we read, we pray.  Sometimes Aiden prays, and sometimes he asks me too.  Two nights ago it was my turn.  I started to pray, but unfortunately I have been battling a tickle in my throat for weeks so I coughed extensively just a few sentences into my prayer.  Thankfully I made it through and prayed for the usual (safety, good sleep, health, fun days, etc).  When I finished and said good night, Aiden said, dad, let me pray for your cough.

It's funny how it took a child to remind his dad of the obvious.  It was one of those situations where I couldn't see the forest through the trees.  As you spend time with God, don't look past the simple things in your life.  He cares about the big and little things.